Town-wide Collection Residential Solid Waste
and Recyclables For Borough Residents


In 1987, the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus created the Solid Waste Commission and under took the task of receiving bids for town-wide residential solid waste and recycling collection. The utility established two zones for collection and rates, which are listed in the following pages.



JANUARY 1, 2010.

The Solid Waste Commission has reported that based on the bid from Suburban Disposal which the Borough accepted as the lowest responsible bid for the services desired, Solid Waste rates were lowered for the duration of the contract.  The new rate for homes west of East Saddle River Road (most homes in town), rate zone A, will be $132.50 per quarter.  For homes east of East Saddle River Road, rate zone B, the new rates will be $139.00 per quarter.  This is the market rate for garbage services. 







SOLID WASTE - Solid Waste collection is contracted for by the Borough, through the Solid Waste Utility, for residential pickup only. The new hauler is Suburban Disposal, phone number 973-227-7020. Although payments are made to the Borough complaints are made directly to the hauler at the above phone number. Payments are due the 15th of January, April, July and October; and the bill is mailed once a year at the end of December. If you wish, feel free to pay the whole year at one time.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE GARBAGE CONTAINERS AT THE CURB YOU PAY FOR HOME-SIDE SERVICE. A monthly bulk trash pickup and three containers per pickup of grass and other bagged or bundled vegetation waste, tree limbs, discarded shrubs on the regular collection between April 1st through November are provided for curbside pickup, and a Saturday morning truck nine times per year at the Department of Public Works. The containers may at no time exceed 50 lbs. in weight or they may not be picked-up. See schedule for specific dates.


2012 Events for Hazardous Waste, Electronics and Tires Recycling can be obtained from the Bergen County Utilities Authority website.







1. Commingled glass (clear, green, brown), aluminum cans, tin cans and plastic containers (types 1 & 2) may be placed outside your home for pickup, at the same location where your garbage is collected. They should be rinsed and put into a large container such as a garbage can. You can identify which type plastic a container is by looking for the number inside a triangle imprinted on the bottom of the container. If these items are brought to the depot, they must be separated. Pick-up Zone 1: 1st & 3rd Wednesday. Pick-up Zone 2: 2nd & 4th Wednesday.

2. Newspapers (print only) should be put into brown paper bags and placed at your curb, on the first Wednesday (Pick-up Zone 1) or second Wednesday (Pick-up Zone 2) of each month.

3. Shiny paper (newspaper INSERTS, magazines, and catalogs) should be put into brown paper bags and placed at your curb on the third Wednesday (Pick-up Zone 1) or fourth Wednesday (Pick-up Zone 2) of each month.


4. Corrugated cardboard, such as wine/liquor boxes, shipping cartons and appliance boxes can be taken to the Recycling Center.


5. Motor oil and batteries must be taken to the Recycling Center.


6. Annexed is a list of various household items and where they fit into the recycling program.

7.  Borough Recycling Center is open Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

     Saturday  800 am to 2:00 pm       Closed Sunday



November 1 through March 31st.


Once per week garbage collection begins November 1 through March 31st. If your regular pick-up is Monday & Thursday, (District 1) during this once a week schedule, you will be picked up only on Thursdays.

If your regular pick-up is Tuesday and Friday, (District 2) during this once a week schedule, you will be picked up only on Friday.

There will be no container limit during this time only.

Solid Waste Collection: Monday & Thursday
Recycling Collection: Commingled 1st & 3rd Wednesday Homeside
Newspapers 1st Wednesday, Shiny Paper 3rd Wednesday Curbside
Curbside Trash Pickup: 1st Saturday

Solid Waste Collection: Tuesday & Friday
Recycling Collection: Commingled 2nd & 4th Wednesday Homeside
Newspapers 2nd Wednesday, Shiny Paper 4th Wednesday Curbside
Curbside Trash Pickup: 2nd Saturday




Academy Road: 2,B
Ackerman Avenue: 1,A
Addison Place: 1,A
Arbor Drive: 1,A
Ardmore Road: 1,A
Arrow Lane: 2,B
Barnett Place: 1,A
Beechwood Road: 1,A
Bernard Place: 1,A
Birch Lane: 2,B
Blanchfield Court: 1,A
Blauvelt Avenue : 1,A
Bogert Road: 2,B
Boiling Springs Road: 2,B
Braeburn Road: 1,A
Brandywine Road: 2,A
Bridle Way: 2,B
Brookside Avenue: 1,A
Brookview Court: 2,B
Brownstone Way: 2,B
Carlton Avenue: 1,A
Chestnut Place: 1,A
Clearwater Drive: 2,B
Cleverdon Road: 2,A
Cliff Street: 1,A
Conifer Lane: 2,B

Copper Beech: 2,B
Crescent Place: 1,A
Deerhill Drive: 2,B
Dogwood Lane: 2,A
Duncan Road: 1,A
East Franklin Turnpike: 1,A
Eastgate Road: 2,B
East Saddle River Road: 2,B
Edgewood Drive: 1,A
Elmwood Avenue: 1,A
Enos Place: 1,A
Fairlawn Street: 1,A
Ferris Court: 1,A
First Street: 1,A
Fox Run: 2,B
Garden Court: 1,A
Gilbert Road: 1,A
Glendon Road: 1,A
Gordon Road: 1,A
Hollis Drive: 1,A
Hollywood Avenue
(West of Route 17): 1,A
Hollywood Avenue
(East of Route 17): 2,B
Hollywood Ave.#831, 835 & 859: 2,A

Hollywood Place: 1,A
Jacquelin Avenue: 2,B
Jacob Road: 2,B
Knollwood Drive: 1,A
Lakewood Avenue: 1,A
Linden Road: 1,A
Lloyd Road: 1,A
Marion Court: 2,A
Mill Road: 2,B
Normandy Court: 2,A
North Franklin Turnpike: 1,A
North Maple Avenue: 1,A
North Saddle Brook Drive: 2,B
Orvil Court: 1,A
Paddock Road: 2,B
Pinecrest Road: 1,A
Pitcairn Avenue: 2,A
Powderhorn Road: 2,B
Prescott Road: 2,A
Racetrack Road
(West of Route 17): 1,A
Racetrack Road
(East of Route 17): 2,A
Riverview Lane: 2,B
Ross Place: 1,A
Saddle Brook Drive: 2,B
Saddle Ridge Road: 2,B
Sargent Road: 1,A
Sheridan Avenue: 1,A
Sherwood Road: 1,A
Sleepy Hollow Drive: 2,A
Spruce Place: 1,A
Stone Ridge Lane: 1,A
Stouts Lane: 1,A
Stratford Lane: 2,B
Sutton Drive: 1,A
Sycamore Avenue: 1,A
Timberline Road: 2,B
Valley Forge Way: 2,A
Van Dyke Drive: 2,A
Valley Stream Lane: 2,B
Warren Avenue: 1,A
Washington Avenue: 2,A
Wayne Court: 2,A
Wearimus Road: 2,B
Westbrook Road: 2,B
West Saddle River Road: 2,B
Whispering Pines Road: 2,B
Wickham Way: 2,B
Wyncote Road: 1,A

For household hazardous waste collection dates, please refer to County website at



Aerosol Cans

County Hazardous Waste Day

Aluminum Pie Plates



County Hazardous Waste Day

Blacktop Sealer

County Hazardous Waste Day

Blue Glass


Brown Paper Bags

Use for newspapers and shiny
Paper. Otherwise garbage

Car Batteries

Recycling Center

Carbon/NCR Paper


Car Tires ( NO Truck Tires)

Recycling Center



Cereal/Food Boxes


Christmas Trees

Curbside (No Bags) until end of


Recycling Center

Coat Hangers, Plastic


Coat Hangers, Wire

Recycling Center, White Metal Dumpster

Computer Paper

Recycling Center

Copier Paper

Recycling Paper

Fire Extinguishers

County Hazardous Waste Day

Glass Dishes


Hardcover Books

Recycling Center

Household Batteries

Recycling Center, or Buckets Common Cells, Nickel-Cadmium, Button Cells in Borough Hall and Library

Junk Mail Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Light Bulbs - Except Fluorescent


Light Bulbs - Fluorescent

County Hazardous Waste Day

Metal Jar Tops




Motor Oil

Recycling Center

Old Gasoline

County Hazardous Waste Da

Paints - Oil Based

County Hazardous Waste Day

Paints - Water-Based

Dry out, then place at curb on
Saturday trash pickup

Paperback Books

Recycling Center


County Hazardous Waste Day

Pizza Boxes


Photographic Chemicals

County Hazardous Waste Day

Plastic Bags any kind

Local Grocery Stores

Plastic Flower Pots


Plastic Toys


Propane Gas Cylinders

County Hazardous Waste Day

Shirt/Gift Boxes


Shoe Boxes



County Hazardous Waste Day

Telephone Books

Recycling Center


County Hazardous Waste Day


County Hazardous Waste Day

Woodlife (Pentachlorophenol)

County Hazardous Waste Day